Become a member

Do you want to join us in making the restaurant business more sustainable? Fill in the contact form below.

    As a member you can choose different memberships according to your needs and the needs of the restaurant.

    Small 6000 SEK

    Membership in the network. Access to toolkit, template for current analysis, action plan and network meetings.

    Lagom” 9000 SEK

    Everything included in Small as well as

    The workshop spots are not bound to specific persons and you are welcome to participate in workshops every year if you have new staff or missed a previous occasion.
    10 % discount on all levels if the restaurant is a member in Visita, KRAV-certified or One Planet Plate-certified.


    As a member of the network you commit to:

    Accounting for sustainability status in a transparent manner according to the five areas of the project on your website and at the restaurant.
    Keeping your activity plan up-to-date and open for improvements according to the five areas of the project.
    Securing that your staff is well informed and has knowledge concerning relevant sustainability questions.
    Carrying out at least one communication activity per year towards the guests.